The School

The School Premises

Since its establishment in March 2005, the school has been utilizing a 20×20 feet makeshift wooden building which formerly was a prayer hall in Kampung Nelayan, Likas.

The Current School Building
The present school premises which was utilized since March 2005.

The building is old with no electricity supply and the school uses crudely made tables and benches for its students. The water supply for its poorly built toilet is collected from the rain.

The present school and toilet
The present school premises and its toilet.

With permission from the Dewan Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu (DBKK), the school retains to stay on the land until such time as when they need to use the property. Critically and urgently, the school needs a better premise especially with the looming threat that DBKK could confiscate the land for further development.

Interior of the present school premises.
Interior of the present school premises.