Background History

In March 2005, the residents of Kampung Nelayan Likas and some concerned members of the public had jointly established a small community school for the children in the area who  didn’t have any access to the public primary schools.

school buildingThe children were from the community of the Southern Philippines’ refugees and/or migrant workers that stayed in that area. Most of the children come from extremely impoverished backgrounds and/or lacked of formal identification papers which inhibited them from receiving any formal compulsory education in public schools.

Without any education opportunities, most of the children didn’t have any basic reading, writing and counting skills. Lacking the benefit of an education, these children were at risk to get involved in crimes such as gangs, drug peddling and sex work. It is incumbent on us as a society to establish a school for the basic education for these children.

Since its establishment, the community school has been utilizing a repaired makeshift wooden prayer hall building in the area and using crudely made tables and benches for its students.

In 2009, Dewan Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu had cleared all the settlements in that area, except the school building, for unauthorised occupation of the land thus removing all the residents.

However, without having any other option for their education facility, the children continue attending the school by commuting from their homes to the school. The children commute everyday to the school from Likas and surrounding areas. Some of the children even come as far as Inanam, Telipok and Seppangar, some 5 to 10 kilometers away.