Personal Statements (Teachers)

My personal statement and experienced in teaching at Madrasah  Al – Hikmah

I was inspired to pursue teaching in Madrasah Al – Hikmah. In my belief, good education is the single most important thing we can impart to the younger generation, because enabling children to grasp the foundational knowledge and skills that they will use for the rest of their lives is a wonderful gift. I am very motivated to equip young minds to learn more about the academic world, introducing them to mathematics, English, basic computers, and other subjects. I also believe that it is just as important to convey them into life skills including treating others with respect, working in team, and in society.

As I walk in the aisle of Kampung Nelayan, Likas where the school located, I noticed some of the children were born in Malaysia and their parents lived there for decades, but still were unable to prove their nationality. For that reason, they are refused to enroll their child in any government school requiring some requirements which parents aren’t able to get. So in this case, I really understand the situations of these children. That is why Madrasah was created in order to provide and help them to get their basic rights to read and write. For me, education is a basic human right which should not be linked to any political reasons. As an academic, I want to deliver this message, every child should be able to enroll in school without conditions. We must remember that depriving these children of education is a danger to the society as a whole.

I chose to enter this profession of teaching for these reasons; a reasons to give me aspiration, to enable and confidently reach out the vision I embraced. As part of this vision, I have recognised and found my best and great mentor Mr. Alan Dighton. With his supportive efforts and good intention into our school, he taught us so many things that could bring us to be a better teacher. Once again, thanks for every care he has taken in our school.

 Miss Cassey

My first impression for teaching in madrasah al – hikmah

I am Salna L. saipuddin and am certified as a degree of bachelor of science in education, a major in history and a minor in English at the Mindanao state university Jolosulu Philippines and graduated in 1998-1999.

On the first day of September 2012 I encountered Mr. Yahya Yacob, the founder of madrasah al – hikmah. I applied as a teacher with my resume and qualifications. I was interviewed for the position and obtained a position as a teacher to teach English, history, Arabic, and Islamic studies. I am really grateful to the founder of madrasah al – hikmah for giving me an opportunity to teach. The 3rd September 2012, was my first day teaching here in madrasah al –hikmah (community education programme) Nelayan Village, Kampang Likas, Kotakinabalusabah. I really communicated with them in conversational English introducing ourselves with each other and enjpyed the classes and students.

On January 2013, resuming my new classes, I motivated the students in the five dimensional of life of education, which is physical, mental, social, moral, and spiritual education. I handled classes from Kinder Garden, year – 1, year – 2, year – 5,and year – 6 through my subject matter ; English, history, Arabic, and Islamic studies to the stateless children. It helped us to inculcate a sense of belonging. I usually teach them conversational English so that they know how to speak and understand to express their own ideas through the median of English.

I am really compassionate with the stateless pupils although there are crowded classes occupied in one room. But even such a full classroom I can manage to teach them well because it is a part of my challenge to gain more knowledge. We enjoy sharing ideas with each other especially when I call them individually to participate in class activities like spelling contests, oral recitation, and demonstrations. I am the class advisor of year – 5 and year – 6. I always encourage my pupils in learning public speaking. It is very important the way they can communicate in society. In my point of view, through my observation within the class, some of the students are quick learners and some are slow. But they are in agreement that they have many skills and learn “hands on” very quickly which makes it all worthwhile.

On 4th October 2013, I attended a teacher training programme on lesson planning conducted by Ms. Kathryn Anne Rivai, the education consultant at Etania Schools, Sabah. I really was inspired by her because I’ve gained more experience on how to make a lesson plan here in Sabah.

On 21st March 2015. I attended a teacher training workshop conducted by our course leader Mr. Alan Dighton at Kinabalu International School. I really was fascinated by the campus of KIS, I would like to thankful the respective teachers that assisted us for teacher’s training and most especially to Mr Alan. It was my great pleasure for having a nice teacher and energetic instructor for guiding us to learning better English.

Hopefully, to my loving stateless children, you must keep in mind that “education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.” It is in fact a part of the function of education to help us escape, not from our own time for we are bound by that – but from the intellectual and emotional limitation of our time. I hope and pray after year – 6, you have gained more knowledge for public speaking, you already know how to realise your growth and development for a better young generation and know how to look for a job in the future.

Salna L. Saipuddin

My thoughts and feelings when I first entered the teaching career

I had a mixed feeling when I first entered the teaching career. I drifted into it naturally after Mr. Yahya the founder of the school appointed me to teach young children in madrasah al – hikmah last 2006.

As much as I was content with the salary, I had doubts whether I would be able to manage or control the students in class. Having had no prior experience what so ever in teaching, I told myself that the trick was just to be strict right from the start.

However, I could not keep to my resolution, I soon discovered that a rigid teaching method for all the students would not work. The student came from different family background, and each student was unique. I had to be sensitive to the needs of each student and to be concerned about his interest and welfare. Each student was an individual and had to be treated with tact and tender loving care.

I was very careful not to reinforced their negative feeling when they are failed, but what I did is to give them encouragement as I possibly could. One way was giving them more exercises and home works to practice on and to use illustration, to help them understand for the shy. Introvert one who were defensive. I had to use a different tactics, I choose tuition classes for them. There was also a student who were academically backward and came from a poor background. They were often very inferior and had a feeling of self rejection and self pity.

For such student it is very important to make them feel accepted and to treat them like friends, showing an interest in their welfare would go along way to help them build them self esteem and to improve in their studies. Most student equate success with passing examination. This is a common policy which a teacher can help a student erase from their minds. A teacher can help the student to have the right attitude towards their studies and to realize that what is more important than doing well in the eyes of their friends is what they do with the opportunities available.

There were time when I was frustrated with some naughty students and disappointed with their result, however in retrospect, good and bad alike, they were all part and parcel of teaching life. And I am very grateful that all in all, they helped me to see my own strength and weaknesses, in fact they served to inrich my experience and stimulate the growth of my mind and personality.

Therefore, I am very proud to be a teacher of madrasah al – hikmah.

Ckg. Jubairah (Head Teacher)

Cebisan Rasa

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu!!!

Sebagai pembuka bicara dari sudut hati yang ikhlas ini, saya panjatkan kesyukuran ke hadrat ilahi kerana masih ada lagi insan di muka bumi Allah ini yang begitu prihatin terhadap nasib kanak – kanak yang tidak mendapat pendidikan formal seperti kesekolah kerajaan atau kesekolah swasta. Ini diisebabkan masalah dokumen atau kewangan yang dihadapi oleh keluarga mereka.

Syabas dan tahniah saya ucapkan kepada En. Yahya Yacob kerana telah mengambil langkah drastik untuk menangani permasalahan kanak – kanak yang tidak mendapat pendidikan ini. Atas cetusan idea beliau maka tertubuhlah Madrasah Al – Hikmah Hingga ke saat ini untuk menabur bakti memberikan asas pendidikan tanpa mengira latar belakang da nasal – usul kanak – kanak ini.

Terkenang kembali iaitu sekitar tahun 2008, saya pernah menjejakkan kaki ke Madrasah Al – Hikmah. Ketika itu, hanya satu bangunan “Usang” dan “Dhaif” yang digunakan untuk kanak – kanak ini menjalani proses persekolahan, serta tempat berlindung dari panas dan hujan. Walaupun dalam serba kekurangan guru – guru Madrasah ketika itu juga amat penyebar, penyayang, dan dinamik dalam mengharungi pelbagai karenah pelajar yang begitu ramai. Atas rasa tanggung jawab mereka tetap terus mengerah tenaga dan minda untuk memberikan pendidikan kepada kanak – kanak ini. Dengan harapan, suatu hari nanti mereka menjadi insan yang berintegriti, berkaliber, kreatif, inovatif, dan menjadi insan yang berguna dunia dan akhirat.

Tanpa diduga, pada tahun 2015, saya di beri peluang untuk berkhidmat sebagai “Guru” di Madrasah Al – Hikmah. Sudah tujuh tahun berlalu kini saya kembali lagi menjejakkan kaki ke Madrasah. Saat ini, saya amat terkejut dan bersyukur kerana Madrasah telah berubah wajahtidak seperti dahulu lagi dhaif, using, banyak nyamuk, dan smapah – sarap. Walaupun perubahan ini tidak seberapa namun usaha pihak Persatuan Pengurusan Madrasah Al – Hikmah dan pengasasnya, serta golongan ibu bapa yang prihatin harus diberikan pujian, atas kegigihan mereka, sekolah ini membengun sedikit demi sedikit.

Kini genaplah tiga bulan saya bergelar guru di Madrasah, namun pelbagai persepsi yang dapat saya rungkaikan dalam cebisan rasa ini. Antaranya, Madrasah kadangkala mengalami masalah kewangan untuk menampung keperluan enam orang guru. Namun pihak Persatuan Pengurusan Madrasah tidak menjadikan ia satu alasan untuk tidak maju ke hadapan. Bahkan saya lihat mereka gigih memberikan yang terbaik bagi warga Madrasah ini. Saya harap usaha ini akan berterusan bak kata pepatah melayu “tangan yang memberi, lebih baik daripada tangan yang menerima.” Selain itu, guru – guru Madrasah ketika ini telah mendapat pelbagai kemudahan asas seperti: bilik guru, penambahan kelas, perpustakaan, alatan IT, tandas, pengawal sekolah, elektrik dan air, dan teknik mengajar. Walaupun kemudahan ini tidak seindah, secantik, setinggi bangunan diluar sana. Namun ia amat bererti bagi golongan yang memerlukan. Hargailah sebuah pengorbanan agar timbul rasa kesyukuran.

Saya berazam kepada diri sendiri agar dapat memberi ilmu pengetahuan kepada pelajar – pelajar Madrasah Al – Hikmah, walaupun ilmu di dada ini hanya sebesar biji sawi, mudah – mudahan ia bermanfaat kepada semua. Selain itu, saya juga berharap dapat mencontohi kegigihan dan kesungguhan guru – guru yang sedia ada. Terutamanya Ckg. Jubaira dan Ckg. Merzah yang sudah lama menabur jasa di Madrasah. Mudah – mudahan setiap titik peluh mereka mendapat rahmat daripada Allah S.W.T.

Harapan saya, semoga Madrasah Al –Hikmah, teguh berdiri menabur bakti walau apa jua rintangan dan cabaran yang melanda harus di hadapi dengan tabah demi membela nasib kanak – kanak yang tidak mendapat asas pendidkan. Ingatlah, anak – anak itu amanah Allah S.W.T dan juga anak – anak adalah permata hati kita. Bajailah mereka dengan kasih saying dan ilmu pengetahuan agar kelak menjadi insan yang “gemilang” dan “terbilang”. Inshallah!!! Sekian terima kasih.

Ckg. Nur Baiti