Needs Of The School

I) Suitable School Premises

Critically and urgently, the school needs a suitable alternative site for its premises in or around Likas area because at any time DBKK may require the land on where the present building is located.

school buildingIf the school has to move out from the land and be closed because not having any alternative premises, numbers of children will lose their only source of elementary education.

Equally important, the provision of the school premise should inflict minimal hindrances and challenges for the students to attend in light of the mounting travelling costs and school fees. The realisation and awareness of the level of poverty within the affected community runs through every facet of this project.

In pursuit of a productive educational environment, it is ideal for the school to have a permanent premise with general utilities in place and adequate space to accommodate at least three classrooms, utilities room and an office space.

II) Funding

The cost of running the school, including emolument and lesson materials, is about RM5,000 per month. Textbooks and workbooks are too expensive for these children; so the school provides most of the lesson materials and handouts to its students.

To continue to be operational, the school collects a RM10 monthly fee for each student. Yet, some of the students are still unable to afford this fee.

Therefore, the school needs funding for providing continuous quality free education to these underprivileged children.

III) Proactive community participation

teachers and students

Other than formal education, the school also engages in other activities and programmes such as sports, recreation, healthcare and others.

With proactive participation from the community members, it could also help to improve the quality of activities and programmes for the children. The community members are welcomed for their time, efforts and ideas for the benefit of the school and the children.